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Licence Procedure to sell Australian Native Orchids

Members are aware that new regulations are in place regarding the sale of Australian Native Orchids.
The regulation applies to Australian species orchids, and comes about due to unscrupulous people finding and taking our native plants from their natural habitat to a point where many of our species are now ‘threatened’.
We have been successful in obtaining a growers license which allows our members to sell Australian native species and Hybrid orchids at our shows, with some associated conditions.
One of these conditions is that we maintain proper records of the NSW native plants that we sell. The other, is that each plant must be properly tagged.
If you wish to sell any NSW native species or hybrid orchids at our shows, you need to complete the Selling Sheet listing the plants that you are selling, which are NSW native species or hybrid orchids. For NSW native hybrids, the species parents need also to be listed. For example, for Den. Bardo Rose, you would show this hybrid name with “(Den. falcorostrum x Den. kingianum)” on your sheet. Put a tick in the appropriate box for either species or hybrid for each plant on your list and write the sales price for each plant on your list. Bring this completed sheet with you to the Sales Bench area of our Show. (Other non-NSW native species or hybrids DO NOT need to be included on this sheet.)
The second condition relates to appropriate labeling of Australian Native Orchids which are sold under the License of Bankstown Orchid Society Inc.
Appropriate tags must be in the pot of each NSW native species or hybrid plant which are sold at our shows. Each plant tag must say Bankstown Orchid Society Inc, and Plantation Grown plant. The two words ‘Plantation Grown’ are critical to fulfilling the conditions of our license. Hybrid orchid plants for sale will also need to note the species parents on the tag. If you are not sure of the parentage, leave that part blank and ask for help when you get to the show with your plants.
Please report to one of the committee when you arrive as your native plants MUST be checked in before they are permitted on the sales table.

There are severe consequences (and very large fines) for those who do not co-operate with the legislation, so let’s do our best to comply with the ‘rules’. If in doubt! – ASK for assistance.

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