New members are always welcome so please do not hesitate to contact us for information, or fill in a Membership Application Form.

A bi-monthly bulletin is supplied to all financial members, which contains growing hints and tips, results of the monthly meeting, advice on the use of various chemicals and fertilizers, amongst other things.

To join, fill in and print the Membership Application Form with your name and address completed, and mail it to us, or bring it to the next meeting. You will then receive the current issue of The Bulletin, the official newsletter of the Bankstown Orchid Society Inc. mailed to members six times per year. Regular features include:
Articles of interest to orchid lovers
What's on next
News and gossip
Members' contributions
Seasonal tips on growing, watering, hormones, compost etc.

Bankstown Orchid Society Inc. meets on the 1st Monday of every month, with the meeting commencing at 7.30 pm. The meetings are held in the Georges Hall Community Centre, 188 Birdwood Road, Georges Hall.
As of 1st July 2018 membership fee will be $15 per person
+$3 per issue of the Bulletin by post or if you provide an email it is included inthe above fees at no extra charge.
New and Renewal Member Fees
Disclaimer: The growing guides are provided only as a starting basis to cultivation. Local conditions in your area may require modification to these suggestions. Bankstown Orchid Society Inc. will not be responsible for the results of your cultivation practices.