President's Message

The Bankstown Orchid Society was formed in 1953 to promote and encourage the growing of orchids in the local area surrounding Bankstown.

Now 68 years on, our society is the largest one in Australia, with members spread through out the state of NSW.

We are an extremely active club, with monthly meetings, autumn, winter and spring shows at local shopping centres, and regular bus trips for our members to get out and about.

Monthly competitions provide eye opening displays of the magnificent range of orchids our members grow, and at each meeting we are entertained and educated by a well known and experienced member of the Australian orchid fraternity.

The Bankstown Orchid Society is well known for it's hospitality, great suppers, and of course, friendly faces. I'm sure I can speak for the rest of the Committee in expressing a welcome to anyone who may be interested in joining us for a happy evening, and to see just what a magnificent display 'Nature' can provide.

Membership Application Form

Veronica Clowes
Disclaimer: The growing guides are provided only as a starting basis to cultivation. Local conditions in your area may require modification to these suggestions. Bankstown Orchid Society Inc. will not be responsible for the results of your cultivation practices.
The aim of the Bankstown Orchid Society Inc. is to promote the growing of one of the most bizarre, colourful, interesting, beautiful and wide spread group of plants in the world, 'The Orchid'.

Orchids are grown in every country of the world with the exception of Antarctica and the possibility is that the only reason they are not there, is because they have not as yet been found.

Orchids range in size from the minute, which require a strong magnifying glass to see and appreciate them, to very large flowers.
Aim of Society
Contact Details
President: Veronica Clowes
Secretary: May Chin
Treasurer: Lyn Donald
Postal Address:
  Bankstown Orchid Society Inc.
  PO Box 5397
  Chullora NSW 2190
  Phone: 0407 666 246
ABN: 57 945 482 442
Resumption of Monthly Meetings

With regard to COVID-19 and it’s easy transmission and slow recovery of those over 65 years of age and what you can do to help stop it from spreading. The government have issued health warnings regarding face-to-face contact, and the cancellation of groups of people meeting and the only way to prevent this is social distancing.

The government has now eased restrictions and the Georges Hall Community Centre allows 41 people to attend within strict social distancing. The attached outlines the procedures which are in place to make it possible for members to start returning to monthly meetings.
Monthly Meetings

At monthly meetings a wide variety of plants are tabled and it is not uncommon to have up to 300 plants on display. Plants are judged by a team of judges and points and prizes are awarded.

Bankstown Orchid Society Inc. meets on the 1st Monday evening of every month in the Georges Hall Community Centre, 188 Birdwood Road, Georges Hall.

The meetings start at 7.30pm and all plants must be benched 10 minutes before the start of the meeting. Supper is provided at the meetings.